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We`re CLR Soft


We care about the society, the society of opportunities for all aspirants and intellectuals, by infusing then into our reputed clients, thus providing aspirants speculative career growth.


We urge to deliver most appropriate aspirants into a perfect path, for an apt client, at an impeccable timing and we define it as an attitude, which we believe in most.


Our creativity resides on emphasizing the client requirements and also providing talented aspirants through our technical panel.

About Us

Strategy of clr soft is to provide enhanced IT solutions along with optimum human resourcing.

Clr soft IT solutions utilizes premier technologies by retaining consistency in development and support. Our IT solutions team, since its inception had shown tremendous dedication in providing software for our clients with conventional futuristic insights. Clr soft human resource division works towards screening outstanding aspirants to our entrusted clients.

Software organizations & Skilled Manpower in India have undergone revolutionary changes with the constantly changing and demanding environment where technology, manpower and cost integration play a major role in defining organizational success. CLR Soft fills this gap with its capability to bring apt persons(aspirants) at precise timing with exquisite cost. Our core competence has been and will continue to be a deeper understanding of technical requirements and making the right match for the requirements.

CLR Soft was operational from Year and ever since left no stone unturned in meeting the expectations of our clients. We have sophisticated Technical assessments in staffing resources for various projects. The core objective behind CLR Soft success is nurturing new talent, latest technologies and industry best practices to comprehensively provide most efficient, effective and easy to maintain software solutions and also premium human resourcing to our clients.

Our Team

Srujan Reddy C

Lead Developer & CEO

Learning is my passion and working with Passion makes quality outcome.

Pradeep Kumar S

Marketing Manager

Nothing much about me. A cup of coffee with me say's everything.

Rajesh P

Resource Manager

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our Work

we are dedicated in providing stimulus work force to our clients by acknowledging true aspirants/intellectuals. Our success depends on our ability to provide aspirants with best opportunities with enriching and supportive environment to excel themselves.

As the time progress, we are well aware that technology rather than progressing, changes rapidly by confronting challenges. We are unduly aware of these techy changes and we impart best practices of utilizing these rapidly changing techs in this techy world.


As technology expands, there is no hindrance to development. In today’s world people believe in discipline, faith and technology for success and so we do. Our development team has enriched potential to develop and support various softwares including web applications and various mobile applications. We are pride to say that our clients are endorsed with our performance by confronting our talents and tasks, thus proving resilience.


We are exponentially emerging in recruitment phase, where our expertised and experienced team are well aware of requirements and criteria of both clients and aspirants in a diversified work force.

Our strategy is to provide best for both clients and aspirants.


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